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Posted by admin at 2005, September 21, 12:08 AM
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My dear princess and prince, this is the special place for you to keep your dream and childishness, enjoy your stay here......

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| Riverman

Posted by admin at 2012, March 6, 4:58 AM
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The story is called "Riverman". It was written by Stewart Edward White. I first met him in a small lumber town; I was sitting in front of a hotel watching people pass by. It was a warm day, now and then a group of laughing rivermen marched by. One group especially caught my eye, they wore bright red shirts and heavy boots. Suddenly one of them came up to me, "Say, Mister," he said," You look mighty interested. Are we your long lost friends?" His voice was friendly enough, but he seemed ready for any answer, trouble if I wanted it or help if I needed it.     "Can you tell me where all these people are going?" I asked. He pushed his little cap farther back on his head. "Burling match," he said, "come on." I joined him and we followed the crowd to the river. There we saw 6 men ...

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| A Jury of her peers

Posted by admin at 2012, March 6, 4:46 AM
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The story is called "A Jury of her peers". It was written by Susan Glaspell. Martha Hale, like all good farmwives, like to finish any job she began. But when Sheriff Peters came into her kitchen that morning, she stopped mixing the flour for the bread she was making, grabbed her coat and hurried out to the sheriff's car. Her husband was already sitting in the front seat of the car. The sheriff's wife Mrs Peters sat alone in the back, Martha climbed in beside her as the sheriff started the engine. Martha Hale didn't like Mrs Peters. The sheriff's wife was small, thin and always spoke in a whisper. Her husband was a big heavy man with a voice that seemed to speak the law with every word.     The Dexter farm looked empty and lonely that cold winter morning when ...

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| Papa's Straw Hat

Posted by admin at 2012, March 6, 4:34 AM
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The story is called "Papa's Straw Hat". It was written by Fred Gipson.   Papa was a rancher. He worked with horses. He was proud of the way he dressed. He always wore clean clothes, even when he worked. That is very difficult for a rancher who works outside on a horse farm.   He often said to me, "Son, you may not be able to buy the best clothes, but always keep those you have clean. That is the important thing."   And Papa did what he said. His clothes were never dirty like those of most of the other ranchers I knew. Papa never worked outside without a hat. And he always wore the same kind of hat. It was a cowboy hat, a large black hat of heavy wool.   He never pushed the hat to one side of his head, but wore it straigh. And he did not push the top ...

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| A Girl for Walter

Posted by admin at 2012, March 6, 4:11 AM
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The story is called "A Girl for Walter". It was written by Theldore Jacobs. We never knew what Walter was and we called him an idiot. We called him that without knowing if he really was as foolish and stupid as an idiot. Walter worked for a food store. He carried food to the homes that ordered it on the telephone. When we saw Walter coming down the street, pushing his four-wheel wagon filled with food, we knew we would have fun. We stopped playing our games and followed him. We always saw him coming. He wore the same clothes every day. A brown hat, green shirt open at the neck, and a pair of gray pants. We recognized the way he walked, too. Long slow steps with stiff legs. We followed him down the street, trying to walk as he did. Often, we would try to pull his hat off and said how fun ...

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