| Drinkers of the wind (a legend of the Middle East)

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Abraham's son, Ishmael, made a name for himself when he invented the bow and arrow. But most marvelous of all was the gift that came to Ishmael one night when he was alone in the desert wilderness.

Ishmael was preparing to sleep when he saw a desert tornado whirling toward him.

From the center of the tornado came the voice of the angel Gabriel. Out of that mass of swirling sand came an extraordinary sight一one of the most beautiful animals Ishmael had ever seen.

Gabriel called to Ishmael, "Welcome this creature." He gathered his people to show them the magnificent beast. They called it a "drinker of the wind." Later, people called it a horse.

Many years later, the prophet Mohammed was traveling across the desert with the Bedouin, and with them traveled hundreds of camels and horses.

One day, Mohammed announced that for three days and nights, he would forbid the horses to drink. àνㄊソホwww。fAIrY-talE。iNfOFǔ)ㄕ

The people cried out, "Wasn't it you who told us every man shall love his horse?"

"Yes," said Mohammed, "but it is the will of Allah."

It was the height of summer, and the heat poured down from the sun. The horses were dizzy with thirst, and the people begged Mohammed to let the horses drink.

The prophet refused. "Allah commands me to make this test," he explained.

The end of the third day came, and as the moon began to rise, Mohammed took his horn and walked to where the horses were kept.

He unlatched the gate to their enclosure. Hundreds of parched horses raced out. But just before the first horse reached the water, Mohammed raised the horn to his lips and blew into it.

The horses had been trained to stop at that sound, to come at once to their master. But most of the horses ignored the call.

Just five horses obeyed. Five mares stopped, turned around and stood before their master, ready to obey his will. 9せ∈www.FaiRy-TAle.InFoマキIほㄆβ

Thus, Mohammed knew that these were the five mares that would carry Allah's name to every corner of the Earth.

People say it is from these five horses that the five breeds of Arabian horses, Al Khamsa, descend.

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