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The Jade Emperor called the animals. "I have made a calendar," he announced. "I will name each of the 12 years in my calendar after one animal. I will choose those animals in a few days."

Every animal prayed and whispered silently, "Please choose me."

Dragon was the most worried of all. He had shimmering scales and fiery breath, but he despised his brown head. "If only I had a fabulous headdress, the Emperor would choose me," he moaned.

Dragon made a deal with his friend Centipede. Centipede would get Rooster's beautiful headdress for Dragon, and Dragon would make Centipede powerful and quick.

So Centipede searched for Rooster and his exquisite crown of flaming colors. Centipede found Rooster outside the Emperor's palace. "What do you want?" Rooster crowed.

"Please let me borrow your crown to give to Dragon," Centipede whimpered. "He hopes the Emperor will then select him."


Rooster laughed. "Poor Dragon. Yes, he may borrow my crown." He laid his crown upon Centipede's back.

"Thank you," Centipede said as he crawled away.

When Centipede returned, Dragon said, "Now I will give you what I promised."

Dragon magically changed Centipede. He now had many legs and stingers in his jaws. "I'm powerful!" Centipede cried.

"Always be modest," Dragon cautioned.

A few days later, the Jade Emperor called to everyone. "I have selected my zodiac. I choose Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Ram, Monkey, Dog, Rooster and Pig."

The Emperor stated that these 12 would hang in the heavens forever.

Rooster wasn't satisfied. "I should have been chosen before Dragon. Give me my crown," he crowed.

"No," Dragon said. "Centipede told me I could keep it," and he flew up to the heavens.

Rooster raced to find Centipede. "You tricked me," he squawked angrily. σǚャㄚWWW。faIry-TaLE.iNfojЯ≌ヵo

Centipede warned, "I can sting you! I'm powerful now!" But then Centipede remembered Dragon's words. He became terrified, for Rooster was charging toward him. He slipped under a rock, just in time.

Rooster then flew to the heavens to join the others. But every rooster since that time has wished for his crown, and that's why roosters crow to the heavens each morning.

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