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Many, many moons ago, in the beginning of time, the Earth was all water. There was no land. All the animals and the winged-ones lived up in the sky on the clouds. They were waiting for the land to dry, but it would not dry. i5≈∧ㄩwWW.FaiRy-taLE.INfOヮù

They would send one animal but he would come back unable to find dry land. Finally they sent the water beetle. КすH⊥wWw.fairy-TAlE.infOと

The water beetle dove into the water, grabbed a handful of mud at the bottom, brought it up and placed it on top of the water. It started to dry, started to build land. He brought more and more, and still they waited for it to dry.


Finally, they sent grandfather buzzard down and the land was almost dry. The buzzard flew close to the land and every time he would flap his mighty wings he would form a mountain and a valley. That's why the Cherokee land has mountains and valleys in it today. All the animals came down and settled on the Earth.


After they settled, they realized they had no light. So they called to Grandfather and asked would he give them light, and he did. ㄟ낱wWW.fAirY-TAle.iNfO◎ǖ5はaㄕЫ

He brought to them the sun. He put the sun down right by the ground, and it was too hot for the animals. So they pushed and pushed, till finally they got it far enough out that it would not burn all the time and they would have night.


Grandfather told them, "Now that I have done this for you, I ask that all the four-legged, and all the animals and all the plants stay awake for seven days and for seven nights." This is why today, when a warrior goes to cross his manhood, he fasts and sweats for seven days. ョm‖wWw.faIRy-tale.iNfO※ッˊ

All the animals and all the plants fell asleep except for some. The owl stayed awake, and that's why he has vision to hunt at night. The plants, the fir, the cedar, the pine and a few others stayed awake for seven nights and for seven days. That's why only these, among all the plants, are allowed to stay green all year round. The other plants fell asleep and must therefore sleep part of every year.

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