| The boy and the banyan tree(a legend from Vietnam)

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One day when Cuoi was supposed to be tending the buffalo of a rich farmer, he decided he would rather play. So, he went into the forest, and lay down beneath a banyan tree. 9せ∈www.FaiRy-TAle.InFoマキIほㄆβ

Soon, he heard a whimpering noise. He stood and walked toward the sound. He pushed aside some leaves and spotted four tiger cubs lying there. ì∈∧WWw。FaIry-tALE。InfOㄠZ

Cuoi tickled the cubs and picked one up to pet it. Then Cuoi heard the tigress returning. Frantic, he dropped the cub to the ground, which it hit with a thud. When the tigress found her injured cub, she walked to a small banyan sapling growing close to the tree in which he hid. She bit off several leaves, chewed on them, and placed them inside the cub's mouth.


Cuoi watched as the lifeless cub opened his eyes, and within a few minutes, got up and began to run about. Cuoi felt relieved, for the cub was healed.


So those leaves are magic, Cuoi thought. I could do many things with such a tree.


When the tigress and her cubs left, Cuoi climbed down the tree, pulled the slim banyan sapling out of the ground, and planted the tree by his house. ◎tへТwwW.FAIry-TaLE.iNfOdμぁН

Cuoi used the leaves of the tree to cure many people. He became famous and wealthy. The sapling flourished and grew to be a large tree.


Cuoi married the daughter of a village leader. However, she became angry because Cuoi seemed to love the tree more than he loved her. So, one day when Cuoi left to go cure a sick neighbor, his wife poured a huge bucket of soapy, dirty water on the tree's roots.


The tree began to come out of the ground.


Cuoi returned just at that moment, for he had forgotten something, and there was his precious tree, beginning to rise into the sky!


"Wait," he cried, and he grabbed hold of the tree's roots. 9せ∈www.FaiRy-TAle.InFoマキIほㄆβ

But Cuoi was not heavy enough to hold that tree to the ground, and so it carried him to the moon, where he and the tree live to this day.


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^__^ Who is Cuoi?

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