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In Cornwall, a land of woodlands, towering cliffs, and endless moor, the Small People live. Lively and graceful folk, barely knee-high, some of the Small People are known as Piskies, and they love to dance and play and feast. They ride rabbits and dress in fancy clothes and fine jewels. Sometimes they steal children and leave changelings in their place so their theft will not be discovered.

People still tell tales of those who were taken away, like the story of Charlotte and her fiance, Will.


One autumn evening Charlotte ventured onto the moor to search for her missing goats. She never returned.


Then one day, years later, Will was visiting her family on their farm. Just before nightfall he set off on his horse for home, and he decided to take a shortcut. ㄘwWw.faiRy-tale.inFO7ИQ

On they rode until night fell, and Will realized he was lost in the wild, boggy undergrowth.


"We'll never find our way," he whispered to his horse. Then, far ahead, he saw dozens of candles glittering in the dark. A moment later he heard lively fiddle music coming from the same direction.


He tethered his horse to a tree and walked toward the sound. mwwW。faIry-TAlE.INFoCセīàε∫

Before long Will had walked into a beautiful orchard that smelled of sweet apples and ripe plums. On he walked, and he came to a large clearing where hundreds of Small People were gathered. Some of them danced, and others feasted at miniature tables on the lawn.


Will's mouth watered at the sight of this feast, but then he noticed a house at the far end of the clearing, and on the porch a young woman standing beneath a light and playing the music that had drawn him here.


It was Charlotte. *wwW.FaIrY-TAle。INFOㄑīの◎ω≌

"What are you doing here?" Will asked. It was the Piskies, Charlotte told him, who had stolen her goats. And when she appeared, the Piskies cast a spell on her. They would never let her leave.


William burst into tears. "Come home with me," he begged. НWWW.fAIRY-TALE.iNfoㄉУηゥη

"I am under their spell and must stay. Stay here with me."


That's when Will remembered: A piece of clothing turned inside out will break a magic spell. So he pulled a glove from his hand and turned it inside out.


In an instant, the house had crumbled, the garden had turned to wilderness, the orchard had become a thicket of weeds, and the Small People had vanished. wwW。faiRy-TalE.INFOǚみ

Will turned to take his beloved's hand, but Charlotte was gone too.


That, Will said, was when he fainted.
When he regained consciousness, he was at home.


Will told everyone the tale, and for all the rest of his days he searched for Charlotte, but he could never find her again.

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