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A long time ago in Texas only a few pioneers lived there. One of those folks was Pecos Bill. ±PㄕWWw。FaiRy-TaLe。infoéもζこ

One day when Bill was just a baby, his family set off to move to the Pecos River area.
When they were crossing a stream, they hit a big rock. Little Bill flew right out of the wagon. No one in the family saw him fall; they just traveled on.


Bill sat there on the ground, looking around. In the distance, he spied a pack of coyotes.


These coyotes had never seen a human baby before and didn't know quite what to think. One of them trotted up to Bill and offered him a piece of deer meat. Bill ate it. The coyotes then welcomed the boy into their pack. He lived with the coyotes for many years. Bill eventually believed that he was a coyote.


One day, years later, a cowboy happened past. He saw Bill and asked, "What's your name?"


Bill didn't understand human language, so he didn't reply. The cowboy decided Bill needed him, and so he stayed with him. He taught Bill to talk like a human, and proved to Bill that he really wasn't a coyote. So Bill said goodbye to his coyote family. Then he got on a mountain lion and rode with the cowboy to join the other cowboys at the ranch.


As they rode, Bill caught a rattlesnake and turned it into a rope. "This is a lasso," he said to the cowboy. wWw.FaiRY-TalE.inFo¤∽تر

After they got back to the ranch, Bill invented spurs for cowboys to wear on their boots, taught them how to round up cattle and how to drive those cattle across the range.


Pecos Bill wanted a horse. For a long time he watched the son of White Mustang, the Ghost King of the Prairie. This young mustang had a wild spirit and was the only horse that Bill couldn't outrun. So Bill built a huge slingshot and climbed in. He shot himself high over the cactus. He landed right in front of the horse. ふㄎ≡WWW.faiRY-taLe.INfoフ*8ト

That mustang was so surprised, he stopped. Bill leaped onto the mustang's back and yanked on his golden mane and off they went. Bill named his horse Widow-Maker. Together they traveled the prairies, starting new ranches and helping people.


Then came the year of the terrible drought. The land shriveled up. "Hey, Bill," the cowboys said, "You have to help us bring some rain down here." ゅ∧ほㄦwww.FAiry-tale.iNfOキ∫úㄔجمα

Bill looked up at that big hot sun. Then he saw a big storm over in Oklahoma. Bill climbed up on Widow-Maker's back and chased it. He jumped on top of that cyclone and tied it up with his rattlesnake lasso. It began to choke, spitting out all the rain that was mixed up inside of it. kぇwwW.faIrY-tAle.INFo

Down below, the coyotes and the jackrabbits and the lizards and the snakes lifted their heads and caught the falling rain. The cowboys whooped with delight and held out their pans to catch the drops. Everyone cried out praises for Pecos Bill. Forever afterward, Pecos Bill was famous all over the Southwest. ≡んㄧwww。faIRy-TAlE.InfOケめぅ∩_

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