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Once upon a time a rich gentleman had a daughter. One day he asked her. "How much do you love me, dearest?"


She laughed lightly. "I love you as much as fresh meat loves salt, father," she answered. ムYτРWwW.FaIry-Tale.InfO

He flew into a rage. "That means you don't love me at all! Go away, and never return!" So she left, taking only a beautiful golden dress with her.


As she traveled, she came upon a bog. There she made a dress and hood out of rushes and put it on. Then she hid her golden dress among the reeds and rushes, and traveled on a little farther.


When she came to an elegant house, she knocked on the door. "Would you like a maid?" she asked. "I will do any kind of work if only you will give me shelter."


The servant woman looked at her and said, "You can scrape the pots and pans, Cap O'Rushes." ◎tへТwwW.FAIry-TaLE.iNfOdμぁН

From then on, that was what everyone called her. ㄑてwWW.fAIRY-talE。InFOСМて♀ㄤ

Many months passed. Day and night Cap O'Rushes scrubbed the pots and pans and cleaned the walls and floors.


One evening, the servants, excited, told her, "Cap O'Rushes, tonight there will be a grand ball. Master says we may attend to look at the people dressed in their fancy clothes." They asked, "Will you come with us?" Cap O'Rushes shook her head. "I am too tired," she said. ǚ∧っ∞⌒www.fairY-TALe.InfO

After everyone had gone, Cap O'Rushes went into the reeds, bathed in the stream, and put on her golden dress. Then she hurried to the ball. www.FaiRy-taLe.iNFoK∈èμㄆ

The master's son fell in love at first sight. He would only dance with her. She would not tell him her name, but before she left the ball, he gave her a ring. Cap O'Rushes took the ring and then dashed away.


The next day the maids told her of the beautiful maiden. "But," they said, "there will be no other balls this year. Perhaps we shall never see her again." ХWww.FAiry-TaLE.INFOrㄤترǜìもυ

One morning, Cap O'Rushes heard the cook talking of the master's son. "He is very sick, dying of love for his lady," said the cook. "I will make him some porridge," said Cap O'Rushes. She made the porridge, and then slipped her ring into the bowl.


The young man ate the porridge, and then he saw the ring. ηㄚǜ‖WWw.faIRY-TALE.infO

He looked up at Cap O'Rushes, shocked. "Did you make this porridge?" he asked. ǔさBwWW.faIry-talE.InfO말ㄊ

"I did," she said.


Then she took off her hood, and the master's son gasped, for he recognized the one he loved.


He soon got better, and he and Cap O'Rushes planned to wed. Everyone was invited to attend the wedding feast一even Cap O'Rushes' father. ЕlネWwW.FaIRY-TalE.InFo9gムД|

Just before the wedding day, Cap O'Rushes ordered the cook to make all the meat dishes without using salt. WwW.FaIRY-taLe.INfOě

At the wedding feast, when Cap O'Rushes' father tasted the saltless meat, he couldn't eat a bit, because it tasted terrible. He burst into tears. はUㄛむQwww.Fairy-TaLE。InfO⌒(ちニK

"I understand now," he said, "My daughter was telling me she loved me very much. "


That very day, father and daughter were reunited, and everyone lived happily ever after.


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