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Rat: The Year of Snake is not a good year for a carefree rat. The live-day-by-day attitude sounds no good, so better prepare for difficult times. It could be a tough year as your personality fights with circumstances. Always be diligent, for loss might be on the cards.

Years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020 wWw.FaiRY-TalE.inFo¤∽تر

Overview - This will be a difficult year for Rats. You may lose significant amounts of money and investments if they are managed carelessly. If you expect and demand anything this year, chances are that you will lose more than you stand to gain. It is best to be confident, clear minded and cautious.


Work - You will see success at work if you stick to your course and don't ask for too much. You are the type of person that every organization needs to be a leader. However, you may not have enough manual skills and will need to learn more about the business and how it is accomplished. If you can see the big picture not for you but for everyone, you will have made a significant leap forward in your career and will be generously rewarded. eな』めWWW.fAIRy-tALE.iNFo&

Money - Be very cautious with money this year, Rat. Your luck is thin and you could lose everything if you are not careful. Put your money in a safe place and avoid large expenditures until later in the year. !ТwwW.fairy-Tale。INfo

Health - You will enjoy good health all year with no sign of illness. ˊ5zwWW.FaIrY-TaLe。INfoネē

Love and Family - You will discover something new about your partner that will touch you deeply. You thought you understood love, and then suddenly it transformed itself and became less obvious and more beautiful. This revelation will be private and difficult to explain. ㄉケШWwW。FAiry-TAle.InfoPㄊ4ВШOセ

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Personality Type - You are a sharp and intelligent person who demonstrates quick thinking and wit. Ideas come naturally to you, but stronger yet is your determination to get things done. You tend to be ahead of the crowd, always the leader, and always pushing yourself and others to the extreme. You are well respected for your abilities, and sometimes feared for your power.


Compatibility - Affinity: Dragon, Monkey Enmity: Horse フㄝОなゎWWW。faIRY-tale.iNFoㄊョ◎

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