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Once upon a time three friends, the monkey, the fox, and the hare lived together in the forest. ゃWww.fAIRY-TaLE.InFoぇ_ЩUv1E

One day Buddha began to wonder about the animals' true nature. Was the monkey truly generous? Was the fox always kind? Was the hare as peaceful as he seemed? ì∈∧WWw。FaIry-tALE。InfOㄠZ

Buddha decided he would test the animals, and so he disguised himself as a poor priest. He dressed in rags, and hobbling upon a cane he limped into the forest where the creatures lived. ふㄎ≡WWW.faiRY-taLe.INfoフ*8ト

Before long the priest came upon the monkey. When the monkey spotted the priest, he called out cheerfully, "Hello, sir. Lovely day, don't you think?" ЯWWW.fairY-taLE。info℃Nメēゑ∥

The priest bowed his head and said sorrowfully, "Ah, it would be a lovely day indeed if I weren't so terribly hungry." ∈ねWww。FaIRy-TaLe.InFOゃニiò9@

"Hungry?" the monkey said, "I can help you there. I can offer you plenty of fruit," and he began to pick mangoes.


While the monkey was gathering fruit, the fox trotted past, and seeing the priest, he stopped to say, "Good day to you, holy man. How fine the sunshine is, don't you think?" www.fairy-tale.info

"The sunshine?" the priest said, looking up. "Ah, yes. It's a pity it does not offer nourishment to a starving man." fairy-tale.info

"I can fix that," said the fox, and he raced off to collect some fish he had just passed on the shore of the lake. §www.FAiRY-taLE.inFOD

When the fox was out of sight, the priest sat down beneath a tree and waited for the hare, who soon hopped by. "Sir, welcome to the forest. My friends tell me you're very hungry."


The priest smiled. "I am," he said, and just then the monkey returned with the mangoes.


"How very kind," the priest said. "You are truly a generous soul." 말eぬyχwWW.FaIRY-taLe.InFO3&ㄇǖS

The monkey smiled. "My pleasure," he said, bowing. MHجمㄏwww.FaIry-TALe。Infoㄍ∫τ℃ǎこM

Now the fox returned carrying many fish. "Here you are. You will soon be full. " WWW.fAIRY-tAle.infoПEㄇdJ

The hare thought for a few minutes about what he could give the priest. He asked the monkey and the fox to help him. The three friends turned to the priest and said, "We shall return soon." 9せ∈www.FaiRy-TAle.InFoマキIほㄆβ

After several minutes, the monkey, the fox and the hare returned with some wood. The hare built a fire, and then he turned to the priest. "I am going to jump into this fire," he said, "and when I am cooked, you may eat me." ιたwWW.faIRy-TalE.Infoο#へソ8へ

The hare leaped into the fire, but as he did, the priest transformed back into Buddha, reached into the fire, and pulled the hare out. МネwWw。fAIrY-Tale.inFopT

"Who are you?" the monkey asked. ハァwWw.faiRy-TaLE.InFOLЗВッvfF

"What kind of trick was that?" the fox added. ゃㄣㄛéwWW。FaiRY-TAle.INfoㄒシNζ

Buddha smiled at the two of them. "Clearly you see I am not a beggar priest, and I see you clearly as well. You are truly devoted, generous, kind and peaceful souls."


Then he turned his gaze on the hare. "Your generosity is without compare, good friend. In thanks, I am placing you on the moon. There everyone will see you and remember your goodness and generosity."


To this day, if you look up at the full moon, you will see that the hare is there still. Ж≮ち∷トwww.fAiRY-TalE.InfOゎスㄌσ

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