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Long ago the creator of the Micmac, Gisoolg, created the great chief Glooscap with three strokes of lightning. From his home, Glooscap watched over the creatures of the Earth and taught them important lessons. フ♀√マ∠WWW。fAIRy-TaLE.InFoЗ

One of these lessons was: "The best way to catch a weasel is to think like a weasel." Г≮ㄓWwW.fairY-taLE。INfoQ

Ableegumooch the Rabbit always paid close attention to Glooscap, and he remembered Glooscap's words, though for a long time he did not quite understand their meaning. す7Twww.faiRy-tALE。INfOá∩t

One day he and his friend Keoonik the Otter were chasing each other. After running for a while, they realized they were very near the home of Uskoos the weasel. They decided to pay him a visit. But, just as they approached the doorway, Ableegumooch and Keeonik heard a noise in the house. It was a meeting of all the weasels and mice. とㄡwwW。fAiRy-tAlE.InfOìㄌ♀ュ』αた

Careful to hide themselves, the rabbit and the otter eavesdropped. せwWw.fAIRY-TaLe.infoīτVメn

"It is time to destroy the people," said Uskoos. "We deserve to have this place to ourselves." WWW.FAiRy-talE.inFo4КX

Ableegumooch gasped, but Keoonik thrust a paw over his mouth. "Shhh, keep listening," he said, as the mice and weasels cheered. БυЫ)5WWW。fAIRy-talE.iNfo◎К

Uskoos continued speaking. "We must convince all the animals to join us in our war." σǚャㄚWWW。faIry-TaLE.iNfojЯ≌ヵo

Suddenly, Ableegumooch had to sneeze. WWW。FAiRy-tALE.INfO+AㄡIㄇ

"Ahhhhhchoooooo!" はカ7αüWWw.fairy-Tale.iNFoجمν

Furious, the weasels and mice dragged the eavesdroppers from their hiding spot. "Spies!" they cried. "You must join our group or die!"


Poor Ableegumooch and Keoonik did not wish to die, but they could never harm the people. "I, I ..." Ableegumooch began to speak, "I ..." And then he heard the magic flute of Glooscap.


Ableegumooch closed his eyes, and then he remembered. "To catch a weasel, think like a weasel," and he understood. If he wished to catch the weasels and mice, he must think like them. +WWW。FAiry-TALe。INFOちょ낱ツ≡ゃū

"Yes!" he said. "We'll join! We'll destroy the people!" wwW。faiRy-TalE.INFOǚみ

"Yes," Keeonik nodded, "we'll help you."


"The people deserve the worst," said Ableegumooch. "After all, only yesterday we saw them hide their food in a secret place." nωЫθㄓWww。FAiRY-TaLE.INFo+Rャ∽

"Where? Where?" cried the weasels.


"Show us this place," the mice called.


Keoonik smiled. Now he understood, and he led the way. The mice and weasels on his heels, he raced through the forest, across the frozen streams and up toward the hills. +ùδВWwW。fAiRY-TAle.iNfo∵き∑+

Falling over each other in their haste, the animals reached the bottom of a grassy hill.


Ableegumooch pointed to the top. "You see those rocks?" he said. "That's where the people have hidden all their food." eな』めWWW.fAIRy-tALE.iNFo&

Now a stampede began, mice and weasels racing to the top of that hill, each one longing to be the first to the food. Up they scrambled, running so fast and hard they tumbled over each other, and then, too late, they realized that there was no food at the top of that cliff. There was only a sheer drop down to the icy sea.


But the animals were running so fast, they could not stop, and one by one they fell head over heels into the sea.


Ever since that day, the people have been free of the bad animals, Glooscap returned to his place, pleased to see his creatures understood their lessons.


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