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Ox: This is a year of fortune for you, but there may still be a few tricky moments ahead. Be diligent, for some minor mistake will deprive you of the success that has been already around the corner.


Years: 1901, 1913, 1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021

Overview - You will achieve financial success this year, Ox. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities and cease them when they arrive. Success will not drop from the sky into your lap. Rather,  you need to hunt it down and claim it as yours. The advantage you have this year is that you have all of the tools necessary to find it. You've learned to communicate and listen to your peers, and this will make all of the difference. §wwW.FaIry-tale。INFOЁО∥ッōタ

Work - Hard work and devotion will continue to bring your advancement in the workplace, but it is your instinct that will propel you. You will understand what is needed and when it is needed, and make the decisions to get it all done. Your accomplishments will amaze everyone, and your capacity to be a team leader will even impress you.


Money - Your money won't be easy, but it will be plentiful once you have won it. Determination and ferocity will secure your fortune, so be a player and don't settle for second best. 99ГǎWWw.fairY-talE。InFOナt℃εㄥ*≈

Health - Some minor problems with legs and joints will persist this year. Avoid contact sports and high-impact exercise and focus on your aerobics instead. www.fAiry-taLe.Info

Love and Family - Your family life will be warm and caring this year. You will find a stable peace of mind within your family, and you will find more time to spend with them. If you are single, your calm disposition will attract the attention of someone special and you will harbor many secret admirers.


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Personality Type - You are strong and silent, always cautious but never inactive. People look at you with respect because of your calm attitude and natural confidence in your own abilities. Within a chaotic world, you provide the anchor to stabilize all situations. You are an important part of any successful team because at the end of the day you are the one who makes sure that the work gets done. You are a realist and never live outside your means and capacity.


Compatibility - Affinity: Rooster, Snake Enmity: Ram


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