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There was a time when Robin Hood, the famous outlaw, was not an outlaw at all but a nobleman, Lord of Locksley. He lived near Sherwood Forest, and it was in that forest where, one day, Robin went out hunting and came up on a maiden wearing a dress as green as the springtime leaves.


There, he knew at once, was the woman he would always love. くàσWWW.FAIRY-TAlE。iNFO

Robin learned her name was Marian. She was the daughter of the Earl of Fitzwalter, who lived in a castle not far from Robin's home. Soon he introduced himself, and before long he and Marian went out hunting together and naturally they fell in love. When Marian agreed to marry Robin, he thought he must be the happiest man in the world. ㄆЫㄌㄦǔwWw.faiRy-taLe.InfoH

But before they could marry, the sheriff of Nottingham cheated Robin out of his fortune, and with his change of luck, Robin was forced to run away into the forest. From that day on, the green wood was the place he would make his home.


Robin was now poor but he was wise and crafty. He swore to take revenge on all who stole and lied and cheated other folk, and he knew he could live happily in the forest, protecting those unable to protect themselves. Life would be fine, except for one thing. ㄖ≡Www.FAIRY-TalE。iNfoㄖつpR≯し

So, his heart breaking, he wrote to Marian and broke their engagement. mせ$=nwwW.FAIrY-Tale.infOШóB

Robin's life in the forest as an outlaw began. But Marian had never stopped thinking of Robin, and she decided she must find him. Traveling alone was unsafe for any woman, and so Marian disguised herself as a young knight. She tucked her hair beneath her helmet, which hid most of her face, and with a sword for protection, she set out into the forest, determined to find her beloved. 말eぬyχwWW.FaIRY-taLe.InFO3&ㄇǖS

At the same time, Robin was in the forest, but he too wore a disguise. When Robin happened upon a young man in the forest, he disguised his voice, and called out, "Stop, you there! What is your mission here? What is your name, and where are you going?" wWW.FAiRy-TalE.InFoメθ※まí

Now this young man, in truth, was Marian, but Robin did not recognize her, and she did not recognize him. In fact, his voice sounded so gruff, a shiver passed down her back, and fearing that he meant to harm her, she drew her sword.


When Robin saw that, he too drew his sword. "Since you do not answer, you must be up to evil, lad."


The two began to fight.


Robin was taller, and stronger too, but Marian was a master with her sword.


He was amazed at the grace with which his enemy moved, the speed and artistry the young knight employed. Under his breath, Robin whispered, "How I wish this man were part of my band of men."


The fight lasted for a half-hour, when finally Robin wounded Marian's arm, and Marian's sword found its way under the heavy hood Robin wore and scratched his cheek. ハァwWw.faiRy-TaLE.InFOLЗВッvfF

"Halt then," Robin called, for he had begun to feel sorry for the young knight. This time, he forgot to disguise his voice, and the moment Marian heard those words, she dropped her sword. "Robin," she gasped. "Can it be you?"


Now Robin too recognized the voice. This was Marian, the love of his life.


Robin threw back his hood, and Marian flung down her helmet, letting her hair fall loose. When they saw each other without their disguises, they laughed, and wept, and embraced. Marian swore she would never again let him leave her. She, too, would live in the green wood. ¤wWw.FAirY-Tale。INfoヵzサuí

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a moving legend.

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