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Rabbit: Last year may not have been a remarkable one, but with the dragon year over, the snake brings much more opportunities for you. These may have an impact on your family life, so carefully take care of family matters. Better weigh up the pros and cons of your decisions. 


Years: 1903, 1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023 YkwWw.FaIry-tAlE.InfOヴЕ

Overview - The first quarter of the year will be difficult, but the remainder of the year will be stable. Rabbit, you should avoid all unnecessary changes and attempt to keep to your course. It is best to focus on personal accomplishments that have no financial reward or benefit. Studying a new language, art, and music will be very beneficial to you this year and will fill your soul with energy.


Work - There will be little progress with your work, Rabbit. It is best to be stable and stick to your course for your career without pushing it too hard. The later in the year the better success you will have at improving your job. Take the opportunity to give yourself more time and less to your work. WWW.FAiRy-TAlE.iNFoなっǒㄘ

Money - You will have a stable financial year, Rabbit. Do not expect any improvements in your finances, even if you change your job. Be cautious with your spending, and if you are seeking to complete a larger purchase be sure to have a professional assist you with it.


Health - Your physical health will be very good this year, but your mood will be downcast and could overshadow your health. Be sure to spend as much time with friends and family. Your mental health will benefit from contact with loved ones. àνㄊソホwww。fAIrY-talE。iNfOFǔ)ㄕ

Love and Family - Close family and friends will be very important to you all year. There will be less opportunity to meet new people and start new friendships and romances. However, you will find that the time spent with old friends and family will be the most rewarding to you. WWW.FAiRy-TAlE.iNFoなっǒㄘ

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Personality Type - You embody beauty in every Never someone to cause turmoil, you prefer stable ground to controversy and comfort to chaos. You have a strong sense of self, and this compels you to find places and people who can let you be who you are. Rather than build your own home, you seek an existing and established space that has proven itself. Although you are never the innovator, you are the emblem of success. Any team with a Rabbit will surely find fortune.


Compatibility - Affinity: Ram, Pig Enmity: Rooster

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