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Dragon: Your fortune will improve and remain stable this year. Lucky stars appear to accompany you throughout the year. The Snake will offer you more opportunities, and success is not far away. Remember one thing: pay respect where it is due. 

Years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024


Overview - You will find this a comfortable and happy year, Dragon. Friends and family will come together to celebrate you. You will discover how enjoyable children can be, and this will teach you many things about yourself. You will learn to be more patient and understanding of all people, and will learn how to find joy even in everything.
Work - Your work will take a new direction this year, Dragon. You are an animated person filled with great ideas and energy. Your tendency to give orders and not take them has left you a captain with no team. Patience and understanding will lead you towards your new team, and your happiness will radiate around you to everyone. By springtime you will have a new team that will be unstoppable. 々WWW。fAIRy-tALE.inFOfㄈㄋ

Money - Your finances will stay much the same this year, with the only change being your focus on making long term purchases. You've enjoyed living a carefree life, but are feeling the need to take your money more seriously. This will be a favorable year for you to make large purchases (like property) that will be with you for the years to come.


Health - Your health will be good throughout the year with only a few mild discomforts. Avoid eating too much meat. ˙トナ7∫Www。FAIRy-taLE.inFO∵ㄉǖδ((

Love and Family - Your greatest success this year will be with family and loved ones. You will discover how enjoyable your relatives are and how much they love you. You are an independent minded person, but are now realizing that being along is not desirable. Small trips to see family members, gifts and cards will all be a part of you finding joy. 『ǚ∷€MWwW.fAiRy-TalE.Infofǔ0c

More about Dragon...
Personality Type - You are a social magnet that commands people. No party or gathering is complete without a Dragon in the room. Your energy and charisma can be overpowering, but are always in need. You tend to be a little stubborn with your ideas and occasionally lacking focus, but when your ideas are good you can change the world. Your tendency for extravagance can lead you into financial and personal trouble, but your smarts quickly counteract your faults. Your are the innovator, entrepreneur, and alchemist who turns lead into gold. ò€^ハDWWw.faIry-TALe.iNFO√ネ∝flㄩ

Compatibility - Affinity: Monkey, Rat Enmity: Dog


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