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Snake: Your fortune looks quite good this year as long as you keep an eye on the bigger picture. Don't narrow your mind in what you do, and balance your social life with work. The Snake will promise you success.  KЗwww.faIrY-tALE.Infoφξˇ∮ㄚ


Years: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025


Overview - This will be a comfortable year for you, Snake. You will make minor advancements in all areas and learn a great deal more. You may not feel that you are performing your best, and that your potential is much more. Others will see how good you are and make a point of lauding your accomplishments. Enjoy yourself and be less demanding of your expectations. λ∵τヵwwW.faIRy-tALe.InFoサjせひ)

Work - Some discontent will lead to a promotion. Think carefully before you act, but if you act with a clear mind and focus you will be given what you deserve. Patience will lead you to success.


Money - You will see moderate progress with your finances. Your luck will not be particularly strong, but you are focused and attentive to your needs so you will not be in any danger. カ&ㄛǘkWWw.faIrY-tale。iNfoW*ヴモpv

Health - Good health will be with you all year long. You might encounter some weight fluctuation, so simply go for a short walk everyday.


Love and Family - You have some turbulent times ahead of you when love is concerned. You will meet new people and will spark the interest of someone. However, this person may not be your type and could cause you some problems if you get involved. If you are single, don't take romance too seriously this year. If you are married, be more focused on being romantic. もwWW.FAIRY-tALE。iNFO々ヲㄊíは

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Personality Type - Capable of extreme seriousness and light-hearted joking, you are a natural mediator who is trusted by all. Your ability to process complex problems, tackle sensitive issues, and make rational decisions are key elements for success. Although people tend to take advantage of your abilities, and you often do not receive the respect you deserve, your services are always sought after in times of crisis. Your ability to focus is highly acute, and you enjoy intellectual pursuit with a genuine hunger. Always desiring a better life, you can step away from your seriousness and adopt a fun loving attitude that makes you the private friend for all.


Compatibility - Affinity: Ox, Roosters Enmity: Pig


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