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Monkey: Your fortune will fluctuate this year, particularly in relationships. Manage to be modesty and moderate, although they sound like a mission impossible for a monkey. Think before you act, and learn to respond rather than react. Any flamboyance may lead to resentment by your peers. And be careful with envious people around you. 

Years: 1908, 1920, 1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028


Overview - This is an advancement year for you Monkey. You will be focused and have an idea that you believe will lead you in the right direction. You will need the support of many people to accomplish your goals, but that support will be there. Some difficulty with your personal life is forecasted, but nothing that you can't overcome. αュㄜWww.FAiry-talE.iNfO∽◎P)も$

Work - You are finally moving ahead and will make significant strides with your work. You have desired to be your own boss and take control of your business. This has gotten you into difficult situations with your superiors in the past. Now that you are feeling more independent and have an idea that you believe is a good one, the time is right to strike out on your own. WwW.FaIRY-taLe.INfOě

Money - You will find the money that you need to accomplish your goals. You will need to be very budget concerned and not extend your finances beyond your reach. You are always tempted to prove to people that you are wealthy, believing that if they consider you wealthy that you will become wealthy. However, this attitude is very dangerous. Live simply for your goals and aspirations, not for any material objects.


Health - You will have a healthy year with few illnesses. Be sure to drink plenty of water and less caffeine. ※ЩˇㄋRWWW.FAIRy-tale.iNfoをJ

Love and Family - This is a tumultuous year for your love life, Monkey. If you are married, expect problems communicating with your spouse. Your desire for independence has made you a new person. Your spouse may misinterpret your attitude as lack of lack. Avoid being reserved and cool, and make efforts to talk to you spouse as often as possible. §wwW.FaIry-tale。INFOЁО∥ッōタ

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Personality Type - You possess a keen mind that is quick and accurate. You have ideas and plans that you know are right because you have done the research and planned them out. Your intellect is both vertical and lateral, capable of moving in multiple directions to see as many outcomes as possible. Although you possess such a powerful mind, you tend to wrap your own desires and wants in with them and forget about other people and the larger picture. Over time, you have a tendency to erode confidence and trust with your peers due to your self-centeredness. It is a lifelong struggle for you to find your heart, but once you do you can achieve whatever it desires. ぇ※З◎www.FaIrY-talE。iNFoЙほ≈

Compatibility - Affinity: Dragon, Rat Enmity: Tiger


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