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Pig: The initial part of this year is a good time to cash in. But keep in mind that this is the Year of Snake, a year for preparing rather than indulging. So even in fair whether, always prepare for foul. Always keep in mind financial needs in the second half of the year.


Years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031 +とwWW。FAirY-TALE.inFo9ふc

Overview - Much of the year will revolve around money, Pig. Although you will receive more money this year, you will also receive much more obligation and responsibility. You will have lots to accomplish this year, especially in the second half. Expect difficult news to come your way in the late summer. !ТwwW.fairy-Tale。INfo

Work - You will work very hard this year, Pig, and begin to wonder if it is all worth it. Don't spend much time worrying about your decisions and take advantage of your position. You will need to learn more and become more comfortable with your work. Also be aware that some may attempt to take advantage of your naivete. WWw.FAIrY-talE。info

Money - Most of your problems this year will revolve around money. What is unusual is that your problems will stem from having money. Having money is a lot of work, and you will discover exactly what it means this year. Later in the year be careful that people do not con or swindle you. Be cautious and wary of anyone who is in a hurry or agitated; these people are not to be trusted with you money.


Health - Your health will be good throughout most of the year with some fatigue and illness striking in late November.


Love and Family - The one constant you will have all year is the shower of love that will come from your family. Everyone is very proud of you and pleased that you have become such a fine and respectable person. Everyone also understands how much support and attention you need. You are easy to love, Pig, because you love right back. If you are single, finding new love will be difficult. However, an old friend may transform into new love before your eyes.


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Personality Type - You are a well-rounded person who is capable many things. Occasionally you are lost in indecision and become frustrated when there is no obvious path to take. However, these moments are brief and you easily set out on your way with strength and determination. Your positive attitude and warm attitude make you well like. You don't consider yourself a master socializer, and find it hard to make new acquaintances, but you underestimate your own appeal. Always polite and interesting, you are the object of desire for many people. You keep a tight group of friends and find family life very rewarding.


Compatibility - Affinity: Rabbit, Sheep Enmity: Snake


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