| Acacia's Secret Heart (a Southern African Legend)

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 12:12 AM
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Once upon a time the animals had forgotten how to be kind. 

One day Rabbit sat down beside an acacia tree and said, "Thank you, Acacia, for your shade. Do you mind if I lean up against you to take a rest?"

Acacia quivered with gratitude and said, "I am happy to offer you my trunk."

Rabbit slept until evening. As he got up to leave, he bowed to Acacia and thanked her again. Acacia whispered, "Years have passed since anyone has been so polite to me. Come, let me show you a secret."

A hole opened in Acacia's trunk. Rabbit stepped inside and saw a glorious garden. Butterflies fluttered, flowers bloomed, and gems lay upon the soft ground.

"Take something, a gift from my heart," Acacia said.

Rabbit selected a tiny gold band and slipped it over an ear. Acacia opened her trunk and Rabbit hopped outside.

As he was returning home, Hyena grabbed him. He noticed the ring at once. "Where did you get that?" Hyena growled. "If you don't tell me, I will kill you."

"Please, don't," Rabbit begged, and revealed the secret of Acacia's heart.

Hyena released Rabbit and raced to the tree. Other animals came running. "Acacia, open up!" shouted Hyena.

Acacia whispered, "Do you want to know my heart?"

"We do!" Hyena cried. Acacia's trunk split open and the animals entered the garden, but these creatures did not look around in wonder as Rabbit had. Instead, they began to grab as many gems as they could. They didn't notice the light start to fade and the entrance start to narrow.

Monkey looked up. "Wait!" he cried. "We need to get out," and all the animals bounded toward the exit. They squeezed out, but outside they saw their gems had turned to dust.

Ever since that day, Acacia has not shown her heart to anyone. She is waiting for the return of the simplicity and goodness that once existed in this world. When they return, she will once again reveal her heart.

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