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Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 7:15 PM
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Once upon a time there was a monkey who had a magical fiddle and bow and arrow. He could hit anything with his arrow, and with his fiddle, he could make anyone dance.

One day Monkey met Cheetah. "I've been stalking Springbok all day," Cheetah complained, "and I'm exhausted, and still I am starving."

"Let me try," Monkey suggested, and he pulled out his bow and arrow, aimed, and shot Springbok through the heart.

Cheetah was amazed. He wanted the bow and arrow for himself, so he growled, and jumped on Monkey. As the two fought, Jackal passed by. Jackal suggested that they go to animal court to decide the matter.

When they arrived at court, Monkey began to shake. He was so young, and these were the elders of the jungle. When Elephant asked him what was wrong, Monkey replied, his voice quavering, "My uncle gave me this bow and arrow." ㄘwWw。fAIry-tALE.inFOyο

"Can't you see he's lying?" growled Cheetah. "Listen to his voice. Look at him shake. I spent all day stalking Springbok, and when Monkey came along, he tried to steal my bow and arrow."

Within moments the court announced their verdict. "Monkey, we find you guilty," announced Zebra. "For your crime, you will hang."

Monkey began to weep, but suddenly he remembered his fiddle. "Before I die, may I please play one last tune?" Monkey begged.

Giraffe said yes, and so Monkey picked up his fiddle and began to play. Within a few moments, all of the animals started to dance. Monkey played faster, and the dancers began to dance more quickly. They couldn't stop.

Before long, Elephant was wheezing, Cheetah and Jackal were gasping for breath, and even Lion was weeping with exhaustion. Giraffe's long, wobbly legs collapsed, and he fainted, but Monkey kept playing.

"Monkey, please," Lion cried at last, "if you stop, we will give you the kingdom."

"I don't want the kingdom," Monkey laughed. "I only want Cheetah to tell the truth."

"The bow and arrow are not mine!" Cheetah cried.

Monkey stopped playing, and the animals stopped dancing. Monkey laughed as the others slunk away.


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