| The Secret of the Fiddle (a Swedish Gypsy tale)

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 7:36 PM
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Once upon a time a boy met a strange man with horns and feet that looked like goat hooves. The boy knew he was the devil, but since he seemed friendly the boy talked to him.

"I know who you love," the devil said.

"How do you know that?" the boy asked.

"I know everything. And I can make her love you."

"Really!" the boy exclaimed. What if this were true? He would do anything to make her love him.

"Yes, but on one condition," the devil said. "You must give me your family. If you do, I promise the girl will fall in love with you!"

Nobody knows if the boy believed the devil, but everybody knows his answer.

So the devil changed the boy's father into a fiddle, his mother into a bow, his sisters into bowstrings, and his brothers into fiddle strings.

The boy picked up the fiddle and played. Soon the forest was full of the most beautiful music anyone had ever heard. The birds stopped flying and hovered to listen. The wind stopped blowing so that it could hear. The trees began to sway to the sound. The forest animals gathered around and started to dance.

When the girl heard the amazing music, she fell in love with the boy. They got married. Whenever anyone felt bad, the young man played his fiddle, and the music made everyone feel better.

One day, as the young man and woman were walking in the forest, he grew tired of carrying his fiddle. "I'll just leave it here, under this tree," he said, and put it down. He and his wife continued on their walk.

Later, they returned, but to their astonishment the fiddle was gone. Suddenly, a big black carriage pulled by four black horses swept into the forest. A hand reached out, grabbed the couple and carried them away. No one ever saw them again.

A few years later, as a Gypsy boy was passing by that tree, he tripped over something under the leaves. He dug through the leaves and dirt until he found the fiddle. He ran back to his camp and played for his people. No one had ever heard such a beautiful sound. They made more fiddles, and others learned to play. RタЛㄅゥwWw。FaiRy-TaLE.info5gτū

Even today when the Gypsies play, the whole world stops to listen, and everyone's soul dances and sings.

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