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Posted by admin at 2005, September 21, 9:00 PM
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One common complaint made by those attempting to learn English is that there are too many slang words and words that cannot be understood or even found in the dictionary! e≠Www.faIrY-tALE.iNfO℃Y∪

Here is part one of the guide to English Slang! §β9www.fairY-TaLe。infoフЯФЧ∪

- Botched messed up, made worse.- 'He made a botched job of repairing the door - he completely botched it up'.


- Bloke - man. 'Jon is a great bloke.'


- Bottle - fortitude, courage. 'Do you have the bottle to tell her you like her? ò№シξほwWw.fairY-tale。INfO%ヲのД

- Chucking it down - heavy or annoying rain. 'Oh no! It's chucking it down outside and I have to walk home!'


- Chuffed - pleased, happy, proud. 'I feel chuffed to have passed my exam' ιたwWW.faIRy-TalE.Infoο#へソ8へ

- Cheesed Off - annoyed, fed up, angry. 'She was so cheesed off when she found out I had eaten all her chocolate!'


- Daft - a little crazy, stupid. 'Sine is daft, she just ate her pencil' KЗwww.faIrY-tALE.Infoφξˇ∮ㄚ

- Dosh - money. 'Can you lend me some dosh mate?'


- Gobsmacked - very surprised, astounded. 'When she told me I was fired I was gobsmacked.' ZッǐDκWWw.fairY-tAle.InFoン℃ㄒ낱

- Gutted - Unhappily surprised, negatively affected. 'I feel so gutted to have lost the fight - I thought I was going to win.'


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