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Once upon a time, in the Russian city of Novgorod, there lived a skilled musician named Sadko. Sadko played his gusli beautifully, and he sang so well that everyone admired him. But praise did not buy bread, and Sadko was poor.

One day he sat upon the shores of Lake Ilmen playing his instrument and singing of his woes. Suddenly, the Sea King's daughter, Volkva, rose out of the water and called out, "Thank you, Sadko. Don't be afraid," she said. "I love your music, and I will give you a reward for playing for me."

Volkva told him, "You must visit the home of the wealthiest merchant in the city. All the richest men will be there, and they will be drunk and boasting. You will offer a boast that will shame them."

Sadko did just as Volkva had instructed. When the rich merchants were done boasting, Sadko spoke. sCwww.faiRY-taLE.InFoㄉ√ㄐ

"You may have gold in your homes, but I have the golden fish of Lake Ilmen," he said.

"Ah, Sadko," one of them said, laughing. "What a story! If there really are gold fish in Lake Ilmen, we will give you everything we own."

The merchants and Sadko walked to Lake Ilmen. Sadko cast his net into the water. When he drew it out, there lay tiny fish of pure gold in the net, thanks to Volkva.

The merchants, stunned, gave Sadko all their worldly goods.

Sadko became a merchant. He stopped going to the lake to play his gusli.

One day, Sadko and his men set off on their ships to sell their wares. Soon, a storm rose up at sea. Sadko's men shook with fright. "We're going to die," they cried.

Sadko snatched his gusli, leapt into the sea, and stood before the Sea King.

"I wish you to play for Volkva," said the king.

Sadko played with such passion that everyone began to dance.


Eventually, the poor bard collapsed, exhausted. His men pulled him out of the water and brought him home.

Sadko was thankful to be alive and, in gratitude, he named the river that runs through Novgorod "Volkva" in honor of the Sea King's daughter.


(a Russian folktale) ōWWW.faIRy-talE.InfOムìシ낱πヲ

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