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Each year in Wales on Jan. 25, many people longing for love or looking to be freed from love's power travel to an old church on Llanddwyn Island. Everyone remembers the story of how Saint Dwynwen became the protector of lovers everywhere.

Dwynwen lived long ago, the daughter of a proud king, Brychan Brycheiniog. On the evening Brychan Brycheiniog held a feast and dance in his court, Dwynwen met a young prince called Maelon Dafrodill. They fell in love that very night. Dwynwen set her heart upon becoming Maelon's wife.

Brychan Brycheiniog did not approve of his daughter's choice. "I do not approve of this marriage, so you must not think of this man."

Dwynwen was heartbroken, but she was a faithful daughter. She explained to Maelon: "My father does not approve of our marrying, and I will not oppose him."

"Then go," the prince said, and bitterness invaded his heart. What had once been love in his heart turned to hatred.

Dwynwen was distraught. She ran to the woods, where she hoped to find consolation.

In the forest, Dwynwen sat down and prayed to God to end her misery. An angel appeared and offered her a soothing potion. As Dwynwen swallowed it, her longing and sadness vanished.

She tried to cure Maelon as well, and served him the potion. To her horror, instead of healing his heart, the potion turned him into a statue of ice, as cold as his heart had been.

Dwynwen prayed again, and the angel reappeared. "I will grant you three wishes," said the angel.

She wished first for Maelon to melt, and so he did. Second, she wished she would never again feel such longing as she had felt for Maelon. Lastly, she prayed that God would answer all prayers she made for lovers.

From then on, Dwynwen devoted her life to God. One day, sailing around Wales, Dwynwen landed on Llanddwyn Island, and built a church there.

Ever since, people have visited this site on Dwynwen's day. There they invoke her name and ask her to watch over broken hearts and to help all those in need of Dwynwen's strength and selflessness.

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