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Posted by admin at 2005, September 23, 9:09 PM
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Backhander - A bribe, 'He was taking backhanders and when they found out he got fired.' МフつWWW.FAirY-tALE.iNfoたヱòㄤωㄐ

Babe magnet - A sexually attractive male, 'Chris is such a babe magnet.'


Backy - Tobacco, 'Pass me the backy, Tim.'


Bad mouth - To insult someone or something, 'He was bad mouthing his friend and they never even knew!'


Bag of Bones -a very thin or starving person or animal, 'Look at that poor doggie - it's nothing but a bag of bones.' λセěㄒwww.FAIry-taLe。Infoみ€

Banana - affectionate way to refer to someone who has done something a little silly, 'You're such a banana.' $Www.FaiRy-TaLE.INFO¤àǚョひ

Bang to rights -caught doing something wrong, 'He tried to take her money but the police got him bang to rights.'


Barf - to vomit , 'He drank alot at the party and then he barfed all over my kitchen.'


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