| The lost Sabbath (a Yiddish tale)

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Once upon a time, a fire swept through the village of Chelm.

The villagers put out the flames, and saved the school, the synagogue and the market. But there was one problem. Hannah's house had burned down, and the people had kept all of the village's calendars in Hannah's house.

"We'll make new calendars," the rabbi said.

So a group of Chelmites gathered to create the calendars. They sat around a table and began to think. After a while, Mordecai said sadly, "Do you realize we've lost the Sabbath?"

Rachel laughed. "It's simple. The Sabbath comes on Friday, at sunset."

"But Rachel," Samuel argued, "we don't know when Friday comes!"

If no one knew when Friday came, they would not know when to pray and give thanks to God for their blessings.

"The Sabbath is lost!" Devorah cried. ㄜ0WwW.FaiRY-TALe。infoˋソsρ

"The rabbi will know what to do," the committee agreed.

So they went to see the rabbi. "Sabbath is lost," they said. "What shall we do?"

For a long time the rabbi was quiet. Finally, he said, "Let us ask each villager when they think the Sabbath is. In this way we shall find it."

The rabbi asked the people to gather in the village square.

"Does anyone know when the Sabbath is?" the rabbi asked.

Levi was the first to step forward. "The Sabbath is the day when every worker is paid," he said.

"No," said Leah. "The Sabbath is the day when the bakers bake challah."

The villagers could not agree on when the Sabbath was.

At last, a boy named Reuven stepped forward and whispered in the rabbi's ear.

"Reuven assures me the Sabbath will return," he said. "He tells me that it is tomorrow, and sweetness will fill the air."

Everyone laughed. "Ah, the folly of children," they said.

The people of Chelm then returned to their homes. The very next morning, the people saw that flowers were blooming, and the air smelled sweet.

The rabbi announced, "Reuven was right. Our Sabbath is back, for nothing else brings such sweetness."

Everyone rejoiced in the return of the Sabbath, and understood that even children can be wise.

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