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Long ago a boy lived in a village on a mountain in the middle of a desert. The land was barren.

One day he went exploring, and he began to walk down the mountain. Suddenly he spied something on the ground. He picked up a handful of little brown objects. "I wonder what these are," he said.

"I'll put these here for safekeeping," he said, and he buried the little objects. Then he built a dirt mound so that he could find the objects again.

The next morning, he saw a group of green shoots growing out of the dirt mound. The boy kept watch over the plant. Within a few days, he noticed a ball growing from the plant. It grew until it was so large no one could lift it. It glowed as brightly as the sun, and people could see it from everywhere. The people watched and waited to see what this thing would do.

Then one day, two strangers walking along the desert plain saw the glowing golden ball. "If that were mine, I would be wealthy," they each thought, and climbed the mountain to steal the ball. WWw。FAiry-taLE。INFoゎθИホク

"This is a pumpkin," the first said. "This could feed me for the rest of my life," and he reached out to roll it down the mountain. The second said, "No, it's mine!" They pulled and tugged, and soon, the vine attached to the pumpkin broke, and the pumpkin began to roll downhill.

The men watched in horror as the pumpkin crashed into the rocks below. At the sound of the crash, all the villagers came running.

"Oh no!" they cried, and they looked down below and saw that the pumpkin had burst apart.

Water gushed from its belly, flooding the desert plain.

The people watched the land transform, and saw a sea of sand, and beyond that the water. But now it was still, sparkling and blue.

"Water has come to us," the little boy cried, "and now we can plant anything." The people realized that now they lived upon a lush island, and they called this place Borinquen, now called Puerto Rico.

(a Taino Indian tale of Puerto Rico)

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