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Posted by admin at 2005, October 17, 5:47 PM
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Long ago, a star decided to live on Earth. The star wondered what form it should take, so it turned itself into a beautiful young woman and visited a sleeping brave. The young man woke up.

"Who are you?" he whispered.

"I am a star who left the sky to live on Earth. I want all the children on Earth to love me. Please tell me what form I should take." Saying this, the woman vanished.

The next morning the brave saw a star in the sky. He knew this was the star that had spoken to him. He hurried to the lodge of the wisest men of the tribe. "Last night a star asked me what form it should take to live on Earth," he told them.

"We must think about this," the elders told the brave.

That night, the star again visited the brave. The next morning he ran to see the elders, but they had not yet decided. The young man walked to the edge of the village, looked up at the star and called, "The people love the white roses in the mountains."


The star traveled to the mountains and turned itself into a white rose. Alas, no one came along.

Once more the star returned to Earth and asked the young man what to do.

"The children love the grass," he said, and so the star turned itself into grass. Suddenly a herd of buffalo thundered across the prairie. The star rose back into the sky.

That evening the star asked the young brave what his favorite place was. Half asleep, he answered, "I love the water."

That night the star landed on the surface of the lake next to the village.

The next morning, while the wise men sat inside their lodge arguing about the best form for a star to take on Earth, the children ran to the lake to go swimming.

To their amazement, the surface of the lake was covered with hundreds of white flowers. When the wise men saw the flowers, they decided to call them water lilies.

The star was happy forever afterward, for every child loves water lilies.

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