| The Teacher and His Mule (a tale from Switzerland)

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There once lived a young man who was never happier than when he was playing a trick.

His teacher often scolded him. "A trickster is nobody's friend."

"You'll see," he told his teacher, "one day I'll prove that I am as wise as you are."

His teacher burst out laughing. "Impossible," he said.

Now this was a challenge the trickster could not resist.

So, he and his friends watched their teacher when he left his home. He always rode his mule everywhere he went. Most days, the teacher fell asleep as he rode.

As the sleeping teacher went by, the trickster told his strongest friend, "This is our chance."

So, the young men dashed to the mule's side, lifted the teacher from his seat and perched him on the strong fellow's back.

Very soon after, the teacher awoke. "What's this?" the teacher cried, startled at the sight of the young man beneath him. "Who can you be?" υWwW.FaIrY-TalE。INfoFゥ|O◎У

"Ah, sir," said the young man, "I am only your poor old mule. I once stole from poor people, and for my sins, I was turned into an old mule."

"What's happened now?" asked the teacher.

"I have paid attention to all the good things you have taught, good master, and thanks to you, I have earned my freedom. "

The teacher climbed off the young man's back, saying, "Never forget what I have taught you."

The lad ran away, and the teacher walked home.

The next day, the teacher went to the market to buy a new mule. He soon found one much like his old mule.

Strangely, the man selling the mule was one of his students - the trickster. "I'd like to buy your mule," said the teacher, "but I have very little money."

"Because you are my teacher, I'll charge you only what you wish to spend."

"Very kind of you," the teacher said.
As he led the old mule away, he whispered, "Couldn't keep yourself from stealing again, I see. I'm afraid you'll have to keep studying with me."

Back in the marketplace, the trickster and his friends laughed and laughed. The trickster felt very happy - and very wise.

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