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It was spring, and everyone in the valley felt like singing. That is, they felt like singing until they saw their greedy landlord. He demanded his rent on time, no matter what.

Still, it was spring, and everyone's spirits were high. One day, the villagers went to the river to have a picnic. The landlord came along. As he was gobbling some cherries, he swallowed a pit. It traveled up to the top of his head.

Everyone watched as a little bud sprouted from the top of the landlord's bald head. "Look at that," people whispered, "it's a cherry tree."

"You'd better see a doctor," one of the villagers cautioned.

"Doctors cost money!" the landlord said. "I'll not pay a doctor."

Weeks passed, and the cherry tree continued to grow. The landlord walked around collecting rent as if nothing had happened. フ♀√マ∠WWW。fAIRy-TaLE.InFoЗ

One day as the landlord strutted along, three young boys teased him. "Don't make fun of me!" the landlord growled. But the boys didn't stop, and the landlord pulled the tree out of his head, leaving behind a big hole. The boys ran away.

Rain began to fall, and it filled the hole in the landlord's head. By morning, fish were swimming in the little lake atop his head.

The boys in the village decided to steal the fish. When the landlord sat beneath a tree to rest, the boys waited until he was fast asleep. Then they began to fish.

Suddenly one of the boys caught a fish, but as he pulled it out, the landlord awoke.

"Thieves!" the landlord cried, and he began to chase the boys. "Give me back my fish!"

But as he was running, he tripped on a rock and flew head over heels. The landlord's feet landed inside the hole in his head, and he disappeared. Only the pond remained, with those leaping fish.

The children cheered, and they ran home to spread the news. ㄝwww.FAirY-TALE。InfoヵrГ∏ρㄟ

Ever since then, the village has been known as Happy Village, and there the people sing and dance and celebrate their good fortune.

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