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Once there lived a prosperous man who owned the largest stable in Eastern Europe. After a while the man knew he needed help, and so he sought a stable hand. A young man named Hayim came to him.

"I am an orphan," Hayim explained, "and I must find work to support myself."

The stable master hired Hayim. Within weeks, when he saw how humble and hardworking Hayim was, he adopted the boy.

The man's wife welcomed Hayim, and their daughter, Sarah, loved the boy. Before long she felt as if he had always been her brother.

One day Hayim fell ill. Everyone prayed for his recovery, but one day Hayim slipped away.

The family and all the villagers mourned Hayim's death, but when the time for mourning came to an end, Sarah was still sick with grief.

One night the stable master fell asleep at his daughter's bedside and had a dream. In his dream Hayim appeared before him. He was healthy again, glowing with the vigor of youth. ホrWwW.FaIry-TALe.iNfo∑Hfヴて

The stable master asked, "Why do you look so happy? Where have you been?"

Hayim smiled. "I appeared before the heavenly court," he said. "Because I was a faithful son and an honest worker, I earned a place in the Garden of Eden. How is my mother? And Sarah?"

The stable master told Hayim about Sarah's illness. "She says she cannot live without you."

Hayim replied, "I will give you leaves from the Garden of Eden, for they will cure any illness."

The stable master awoke with a start. It was morning. He looked at his daughter's bed, and scattered on her blanket were leaves, leaves that did not grow on any trees in Eastern Europe.

So he boiled the leaves, and gave the drink to Sarah. As she drank, he told her of his dream. "He looked joyful," the stable master said. "He is at peace, and he gave me these leaves from the Garden of Eden."

Sarah's face lit up, and she smiled. Within days she was well again.

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