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Once upon a time on the island of Curacao, there lived a young girl named Toewi. One thing distinguished Toewi from all others, and that was her astonishing voice.

When Toewi sat inside weaving cotton into cloth, she invented songs to celebrate the animals. As she toiled, she dreamed of a handsome prince, and she imagined marrying him.

One day Toewi sat at home alone, working at her loom. She began to sing. Suddenly a young man appeared in the doorway. He was dressed like a warrior prince.

Toewi continued to sing, and said nothing to the stranger, for she understood that he did not exist, and that he was merely a figment of her imagination.

The next day as Toewi carried a bucket of water home from the river, the warrior prince appeared in front of her. "I am dreaming," she sang.

Toewi walked on, but suddenly the warrior lifted the bucket from her hands, and he carried it all the way home. After that, each time Toewi began to sing, the warrior prince appeared, but never did he speak to her. WWw.fAiRy-TALE.InFOì€ㄚへ!

Then one fine summer day, as Toewi was walking through a cactus grove, a flock of crows swooped out of the sky and began following her.

Toewi picked up a stone to throw at them, for like the other villagers, she thought the crows a nuisance. "Go away," she cried, tossing stones at them, but suddenly the warrior prince appeared before her.

"Stop," he said, and took her hand in his.

"You are real," Toewi said, astonished. The warrior prince transformed into Kroemoe, king of the crows.

Kroemoe took one of Toewi's braids in his beak and flew into the sky, pulling her along with him into the bright blue sky. Never again was Toewi seen on Earth.

People say she became queen of the crows, and ever since that time, custom has it that a bride and groom will be lucky in marriage when two crows fly overhead on their wedding day. These, they say, are the queen and king of the crows.

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