| Rangi and Papa (a Polynesian creation myth)

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Long ago, out of a shell, the world emerged. The shell began to open slowly, and the top of that shell became the sky一Rangi, the bottom became earth一Papa. ㄘwWw.faiRy-tale.inFO7ИQ

Now Rangi and Papa loved each other, and so they held each other in a strong embrace. Before long Papa bore sons, 70 in all, each one wishing to help with the new creation. §www.FAiRY-taLE.inFOD

The sons created beasts to roam the land, birds to fill the sky, and fish to fill the seas. But now that more and more things filled the world, the sons began to long for more space.


The children asked their parents to let go of each other. Papa and Rangi, still very much in love, refused. Their sons began to fear that they might suffocate in this tiny world.


"We need more space," the sons chanted. e≠Www.faIrY-tALE.iNfO℃Y∪

But Papa and Rangi still refused to part.


The children, growing impatient, felt their strength double. They placed their shoulders against their mother's belly, and with their feet they pressed against Rangi. Amazingly, Rangi's grip on Papa seemed to loosen.


Soon, the space between Papa and Rangi grew wide enough so that the earth and sky were no longer one. Нひ9WwW.FaiRY-TALe。INFoケترぅュ¤

The sons were amazed. "Now we need humans," they said.


Tane and his brothers found some red clay that they could mold into a man and a woman.


The brothers cooperated to mold humans out of that red clay. When they were finished, Tane took the figures of the man and woman in his arms, pressed his nose to theirs, and breathed the spirit of life into their lungs.


The humans' eyes opened. They sneezed, and came to life.


Rangi and Papa were proud of what their sons had done, but forever afterward they missed each other's touch. Every night Rangi cries, and in the morning the world is damp with the dew of his tears. The morning mists are Papa's sighs of sadness as she thinks of her beloved Rangi, now separated from her embrace. ㄧしWWW.fAIRy-taLE。inFo

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