| The lost moon (a legend from the British Isles)

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Most nights, people rested easy in the land of marshes and bogs. But, on that night each month that Moon rested, they feared the bog creatures. These creatures only came out on those dark nights when Moon rested, and were said to eat people who got lost in their swampy lands.

Everyone mourned whenever Moon rested.


The people's sadness troubled Moon. So one night when she would ordinarily have rested, she put on a black cloak and hood and floated down to earth.


As Moon neared a huge black pool, she slipped and grabbed at a branch to steady herself. The moment she touched it, the branch wrapped itself around her. She could see the marsh creatures closing in.


She wriggled against the branch's grip, to no avail. She heard squishing footsteps, and she saw a man, lost and terrified. wWw.FaIRy-TAlE。infO

As Moon struggled against the branch, her hood slipped from her head and her glow could be seen everywhere. The marsh creatures ran to hide. The man could now see the path. Overjoyed, he ran back to the village. YkwWw.FaIry-tAlE.InfOヴЕ

Moon fell again into the pool, and her hood came down over her head. In the darkness, the bog creatures surrounded Moon. They pushed Moon into the marsh, and rolled a huge stone over her to keep Moon from rising again.


The next night, the people waited for Moon to rise, but she never did. Days passed with no sign of her. Then, the man who Moon had saved realized what had happened to him in the bog.


"I know where she is," he said, and so the villagers hurried to the marsh. αュㄜWww.FAiry-talE.iNfO∽◎P)も$

The man pointed out where he had seen Moon. Someone saw a strange rock sticking up out of the bog. The villagers pushed that stone. Now free, Moon raced into the sky, lighting up the world, and driving all the bog creatures back to their hiding spots. ǎキゑПWww.fAirY-tALe。Infoふス≠ハТ

Ever since, Moon has understood that she must rest once each month. On that night, people stay out of the marshy bogs where the spirits rule the night.


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