| The boys in the Big Dipper (a Chumash Indian tale)

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One fine day, a man went out hunting and returned home with a sack full of ducks. When suppertime came, the man and his wife sat down to eat, but when the woman's son sat down to join them, his mother said, "Go away. Your stepfather brought these ducks for us, not for you." ξتر『ㄔúWWW.FaIry-Tale。INfo≡

The boy was hurt and angry. He decided to leave.


He walked into the forest and began to search for food, digging up roots to eat. www.fairy-tale.info

Soon, another boy came along. He too was hungry, so the first boy taught the second how to dig for roots, and that night the two boys kept each other company. wWW.FAiRy-TalE.InFoメθ※まí

The next morning, as the boys dug for food, Old Raccoon trundled by. "What are you doing?" he asked.


"Digging our breakfast," said the first boy.


"Why don't you eat with your families?" Raccoon asked.


"Our families do not want to care for us," they said. ㄧしWWW.fAIRy-taLE。inFo

Old Raccoon decided to look after them. "Follow me," he said, and he taught them where to dig for tubers. Word seemed to spread, for before long seven boys had gathered together in the forest with Old Raccoon. ∝WWW.FAIrY-TAle.INfoГはツ(Б

One day the oldest boy said, "I want to go north. Who will travel with me?"


All six boys chimed in, "Me!" So the oldest boy gave some goose down to each of the boys. "Put some on your head and shoulders," he said, "This will keep you warm as we travel." 『ǚ∷€MWwW.fAiRy-TalE.Infofǔ0c

They called to Old Raccoon, and gave him some down. "Put this on," they told him. ㄆWww.FaiRY-tale.iNFoャ2ㄅ

Old Raccoon put the goose down on, and went along with the boys. The boys began to sing a magical song. ЕlネWwW.FaIRY-TalE.InFo9gムД|

The boys began to feel light, and they began to rise into the sky. But no matter how hard Old Raccoon tried, he could not rise from the ground.


Seeing that Uncle Racoon could not follow them, the boys flew higher and higher, and became the constellation we now call the Big Dipper.


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