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| English Breakfast

Posted by admin at 2005, September 23, 9:12 PM
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In England we tend to eat three meals a day. Many people eat their biggest meal in the evening which is often called supper or dinner. Breakfast is usually between 7am and 9am. What do the English eat for Breakfast?Well, this varies a lot from person to person and some people skip breakfast altogether (although it is widely considered unhealthy to do so by most English people). I expect you think you already know what an English breakfast consists of (or dare I say it, the 'full English Breakfast'). Most people would say that the English breakfast was eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, baked beans and fried bread. According to a survey of commuting workers a more typical English breakfast nowadays is more likely to be a simple bowl of cereal, a slice of toast or bread, orange juice and ...

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