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| The lotus flower and the dragon king

Posted by admin at 2006, June 14, 5:39 PM
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Long ago a poor old blind man in China had just one blessing, and this was his daughter, Shimchong.One day the old blind man fell into a water hole. Suddenly a voice close by spoke. "Old man, if you will promise to give 300 bushels of rice to the temple in the name of Lord Buddha, you will be rewarded with your life, and your eyesight." He quickly said, "I promise." He was certain it was the Lord Buddha. The old man blinked, awaiting the return of his sight, but this did not happen. Then he realized with terror what he had done."Don't worry, father, I will get you the rice for your offering," his daughter said. The next morning, Shimchong hurried to the market and approached the wealthiest merchant."I am here to offer myself to the Dragon King," she told him, "and in return yo ...

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