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| Traditions and Customs

Posted by admin at 2005, October 5, 4:04 AM
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England, like every other established culture, has many traditions and customs. England is now considered very 'modern' and some people go so far as to say that the country is beyond 'traditions'. This is not correct in my opinion as the historical value of a tradition permeates society in ways that are not always obvious to begin with.

When the English think of themselves, some stereotypical traditions and customs tend to spring to mind first. Drinking Tea, eating fish and chips, being very polite and red london Buses are just some of these. Royalty, bowler hats and cricket are some others but how many people know about Guy Fawkes? How many people understand why English people lose an hour of their lives every year while they sleep? Does everyone realise the Queen of England celebrates two different Birthdays?

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| English Do's and Dont's

Posted by admin at 2005, September 26, 3:33 AM
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In England we have a popular term; "Do's and Dont's". This basically means a list of things one should or should not do in a given situation. Here is a fun list of things to consider when in England or dealing with English people! When in England:- Do pay as you consume - Pay for drinks as you order them at bars and pubs! This is not necessary in restaurants, but is vital in anywhere more informal such as a pub or club bar.- Do say 'Excuse me' - If someone gets in your way or you accidentally bump into someone this little phrase will instantly diffuse any worry and will usually get you a smile! It's also a good way to make someone get out of your way.- Do wait in line - A very particular thing in England is forming queues (a line of people waiting for something). For example, you want ...

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