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| The mother's child (a European folktale)

Posted by admin at 2006, May 23, 11:54 PM
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Long ago, after the creator had made all the beings of the Earth and sea and sky, he called all the mothers and their children to gather. He wanted to study the creatures he had made. He wanted to look closely at their wings and arms, at their fur and fleece and hair. The creator knew that every one required proper nourishment, a suitable place to live and sleep, to hide and hunt, and he wanted to make sure that each of his creations would be warm during the wintertime, cool in the harshest heat, comfortable in the places they called home. Every mother came, and one by one they paraded their children before the creator. They nudged their offspring to swim or fly or strut, to show off their finest features. Every mother sighed delightedly as she watched her child. Owls hooted and opened th ...

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