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| Cassandra's tale (a Greek legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, April 25, 12:34 PM
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Long, long ago, Priam and his wife, Hecuba, were king and queen of Troy. They had several children, including the hero Hector, and twins, a boy named Helenus and a girl named Cassandra.Cassandra was so beautiful that people compared her to the goddess Aphrodite. As she grew older, many young men fell in love with her. And then one of the gods saw her, and her life changed forever. Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, was said to be the ideal of male beauty, and was the god of poetry and music. The moment he saw Cassandra, he knew he must win her love. To do this, Apollo offered Cassandra an extraordinary gift, that of prophecy, the ability to know the future, if in return she would love him.Hearing Apollo's offer, Cassandra imagined the glory of such a power, and so she agreed to the god's bar ...

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