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| The sea god's wrath (legend from the Philippines)

Posted by admin at 2006, August 9, 6:34 PM
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One day the warrior Aponitolau traveled across his country to the edge of the sea. Standing onshore, he could not take his eyes off the vast spread of water before him.Aponitolau looked around, and using palm branches and strips of bark, he built a raft from fallen trees. Then he paddled out to sea.Soon he saw nine beautiful maidens playing in the water, waving to him, laughing and taunting him. "Come closer," they cried.He paddled on, and too late he saw that he had reached the stone palace of Tau-mari-u, god of the sea. The maidens were guardians of the god's palace, and Aponitolau knew the god would be angry. No one was permitted so close to the god's palace."Why have you lured me here?" he cried to the maidens, but they laughed at him.Their laughter angered him, so he threw his ma ...

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| Watermelon Magic (a tale from Vietnam)

Posted by admin at 2006, August 9, 6:31 PM
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Long ago, . Vietnam was ruled by generous kings. One of these, King Hung Vuong the Third, had only one daughter, and so he adopted a poor boy from a faraway island. He named the child An Tiem and cherished him as if he were his own. An Tiem grew to be intelligent, wise and skillful, and the king so loved him, he decided An Tiem must marry his daughter. Together they would rule the land after the king died. An Tiem and the king's daughter married, and they loved each other deeply. They had two children, and their lives appeared to be blessed by the heavens. But some in the king's court envied the young man, and soon their envy turned to hatred. They began to spread rumors of his pride and disrespect. These stories were untrue, but still the rumors spread. Before long they reache ...

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| An honest suitor (a West African tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, July 28, 11:20 AM
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Long ago, in a village in West Africa, there lived a chief who had a beautiful daughter he named Ife, for this means love, and she was, to the chief, the very essence of love. As she grew older, all the young men of the village began to court her. Ife was pleased by this attention, but she wanted very much to make a wise choice, and so one day she sought her father's wisdom. "Father," she asked, "how will I know the right man to marry?" The chief was pleased by his daughter's question. "Ife, you must marry a man who is generous and gentle, honest and kind." "Of course," Ife said, "but how will I know who has these qualities?" "Pay close attention," the chief told his daughter. And so, as each man came to court her, Ife watched and listened closely. Each suitor bowed before her ...

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| THE GIANT AND PASTARIS (a Latvian folk tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, July 19, 3:32 PM
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Once upon a time a giant kidnapped a young fisherman named Pastaris. The giant carried Pastaris into a great palace."Here you'll stay," said the giant. "Do not light a fire, no matter what happens!" Pastaris heard a terrible wailing. The next night the same thing happened. On the third night Pastaris decided he must build a fire so he could see where the wailing was coming from, so he decided to use a flint and tinder to light a candle. When the room lit up, the giant stormed into Pastaris' room. "You disobeyed me!" he thundered, and he carried Pastaris to a tall mountain and left him at the top. For two days Pastaris sat there, but on the third day he decided to climb down. When he reached the bottom of the mountain, he walked through the forest, and came upon four men standi ...

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| The inventingest inventor (an American tall tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, July 19, 3:28 PM
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Now, everyone knows the world has all kinds of liars. There are the fellas who lie for their own benefit, and they don't care how the lies make you feel. And there are the liars who try to make you think that they think you're the smartest or the prettiest or the most wonderful person in the world only because they want something from you.But the best liars are the liars who love a lie so much they'll go on forever telling you the whole whopping story. Those kinds of liars will stay up long after midnight telling you their tales. Those liars, in fact, don't want a thing from you. They only want to spin a yarn. People say that's the kind of liar Bergstrom Stromberg was. Bergstrom Stromberg was the fellow who always told stories about his great-uncle, Febold Feboldson, the famous ...

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