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| Kookaburra's laughter (an Australian legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, July 5, 7:12 PM
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Long, long ago, only the moon and stars lit the Earth. No one had ever felt the warmth or seen the light of the sun. The spirits who lived in the sky looked down on all the birds and beasts, and they were concerned that the creatures were not happy. One day a generous spirit decided the world needed more light, and so this spirit gathered others, and together they collected wood, and this they began to stack, higher and higher and higher. When the wood was stacked so high they could no longer see the top, they decided to light a fire. "The creatures of the Earth will delight in our light," the spirits said, "but we must announce its arrival." The spirits sent a star out into the sky δΈ€ the first morning star and instructed it to announce the arrival of the light that would soon ...

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| Two frogs from Japan

Posted by admin at 2006, June 26, 1:46 PM
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Once upon a time in Japan there lived two frogs. One frog lived in the city of Osaka in a quiet little ditch outside of town. The other frog lived in a clear, flowing stream near Kyoto. The frogs, of course, did not know each other. One day the frog who lived in the ditch in Osaka overheard a man talking as he passed by. "There over the mountain, is beautiful Kyoto," said the man. At once the frog in the ditch came up with a plan. "I too would love to see the city of Kyoto, she said. "I think I will climb the mountain and go there to see for myself." At the very same time, the frog who swam through the crystal waters of Kyoto thought, "My home is lovely, but surely there is more to see in the world." So, each frog set out to cross the tall mountain that separated the two cities ...

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| The lotus flower and the dragon king

Posted by admin at 2006, June 14, 5:39 PM
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Long ago a poor old blind man in China had just one blessing, and this was his daughter, Shimchong.One day the old blind man fell into a water hole. Suddenly a voice close by spoke. "Old man, if you will promise to give 300 bushels of rice to the temple in the name of Lord Buddha, you will be rewarded with your life, and your eyesight." He quickly said, "I promise." He was certain it was the Lord Buddha. The old man blinked, awaiting the return of his sight, but this did not happen. Then he realized with terror what he had done."Don't worry, father, I will get you the rice for your offering," his daughter said. The next morning, Shimchong hurried to the market and approached the wealthiest merchant."I am here to offer myself to the Dragon King," she told him, "and in return yo ...

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| The tortoise and the amig drum (a Nigerian tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, June 8, 5:48 AM
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Once upon a time a king owned a magical drum. Some said this drum was the secret to the peace that filled his land, because whenever the king beat upon the drum, marvelous food and drink appeared. And so, whenever anyone declared war, he called his enemies to visit the palace. There he beat upon the drum, and before his guests' astonished gaze, a feast of delicacies appeared. Then the king shared the feast with his enemies, and when they had eaten their fill, they felt so contented, they no longer wanted to fight. There was one catch to this. The owner of the drum could never step upon a fallen branch, for if he did, the juju, the magic of the drum, would disappear, and in its place the owner would reap nothing but trouble. The king became a wealthy man, but some envied the king, and ev ...

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| The forest song (a Greek legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, May 31, 11:43 PM
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Long ago the god Hermes looked down from his home on Mount Olympus and began to wonder what life on Earth must be like. At last he thought he should discover this for himself, and so he disguised himself as a shepherd and traveled to the forest of Arcadia in southern Greece. As Hermes stood upon the mountains watching over his flocks, he decided that he must marry and have a child, who became the god we know as Pan. Pan came into this world brimming with energy, every one of his senses alive and delighted by all that life offered. But, sadly, Pan was born a strange-looking creature, with pointed ears and horns sprouting from above his brows, his legs and feet like those of a goat, and with a scraggly beard and bushy brows and eyes that gleamed. He frightened those who came upon him, send ...

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