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| The people of Gotham move west (an English tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, January 30, 3:37 PM
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One day in Gotham, a few miles southwest of Nottingham in England, the villagers gathered in the square. The new king planned to visit the village that day, and they were there to greet him. He sent his servants to make sure the village was safe to visit.It was a beautiful day. The sun shone and a slight, chilly breeze blew.Then the barber looked west and saw the distant hills draped in snow. "Look at that!" the barber cried. "The hills are glistening!" Everyone turned to look at the beautiful snow. Then they looked down at the ground under their feet, and there they saw tufts of spindly grass and patches of dirt. And near the stream that ran through the village, they saw that the banks were nothing but mud. "How I wish snow would cover this mess," said the village farrier. "My horses' ...

| Ashlad and the troll (a Norwegian tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, January 19, 4:03 AM
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Once there lived a woodcutter who had three sons. The eldest two lads were big and strong, but the third boy was different. His name was Ashlad, and he loved to sit in front of the hearth and read and dream. The elder boys often teased him."What good is reading?" they would ask.When the woodcutter grew old and his debts began to mount, he called his two eldest sons to his side."I'm too old for this work," he said, "you'll have to chop wood to pay our debts." The two sons went into the forest.Just as they prepared to chop down a tree, a hideous troll called out, "Chop my wood and I'll kill you." Terrified, the sons ran home. "The troll will kill us if we chop his wood," they told their father. Now the father was distraught. "Who will help me pay our debts? We're doomed!" he lamented. ...

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| The power of love (a legend of the Philippines)

Posted by admin at 2006, January 13, 12:27 AM
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Gat Dula lived long ago. He was prince of a small kingdom on one of the northernmost islands of the Phillipines. He was a curious person, and so he often traveled from island to island, stopping in each to study the customs of others.One day he visited Laguna province, and went to the market near Mount Makiling. As he wandered through the marketplace, he passed a beautiful woman with hair as dark as ink and skin that shimmered beneath the sunlight. The woman's eyes met his, and the young man bowed in respect. The woman bowed her head, for she felt shy. From that moment, Gat Dula could not stop thinking of her. So the next week the man returned to this same market, and searched for the beautiful maiden, who had captured his heart. As the young man searched, he asked the vendors if they ...

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| Rabbi for a day (a Jewish tale)

Posted by admin at 2006, January 3, 9:38 PM
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Once upon a time there lived a man named Jacob Kranz who was known as the Preacher of Dubno, famed far and wide for his wisdom and his parables. He traveled from town to town teaching. One year, on the fifth night of Hanukkah, the rabbi told the people a tale of Hanukkah. "Our Jewish month is one lunar cycle," said the preacher, "beginning with the new moon. In the Jewish calendar, during the first half of the month, each night grows a little lighter, but after the full moon, until the 29th or 30th, each night grows a little bit darker." The people nodded, for they knew that the first night of Hanukkah falls on 25 Kislev, and so, for each of the first five nights of the holiday, the sky grows a little darker. "So," said the preacher, "the fifth night of Hanukkah is the darkest night of ...

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| The Christmas secret (an original tale)

Posted by admin at 2005, December 28, 1:31 PM
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One Christmas Eve in a little Ohio town, a boy named Peter awoke at midnight. Peter was only 5 years old, and a peculiar sound had woken him. Quietly he tiptoed downstairs, and there he saw, beside the fireplace, a round-bellied man in a red coat trimmed in fur. The man's beard was long and white, and he wore eyeglasses."Santa?" Peter whispered, but he spoke so quietly the man didn't hear. So Peter tiptoed back to bed. The next morning when he awoke, he did not know if the vision of Santa Claus had been a dream or something real. Then when Peter was 10, his family moved to Holland. One day in December, while all the Dutch children were busy filling their shoes with carrots and hay, preparing for the coming of Sinterklaas. Sinterklaas, like Santa, delivered gifts to children on Christma ...

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