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| Cassandra's tale (a Greek legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, April 25, 12:34 PM
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Long, long ago, Priam and his wife, Hecuba, were king and queen of Troy. They had several children, including the hero Hector, and twins, a boy named Helenus and a girl named Cassandra.Cassandra was so beautiful that people compared her to the goddess Aphrodite. As she grew older, many young men fell in love with her. And then one of the gods saw her, and her life changed forever. Apollo, son of Zeus and Leto, was said to be the ideal of male beauty, and was the god of poetry and music. The moment he saw Cassandra, he knew he must win her love. To do this, Apollo offered Cassandra an extraordinary gift, that of prophecy, the ability to know the future, if in return she would love him.Hearing Apollo's offer, Cassandra imagined the glory of such a power, and so she agreed to the god's bar ...

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| The elephant king of goodness

Posted by admin at 2006, April 18, 5:06 PM
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Once upon a time in the forests at the foot of the Himalayas, thousands of elephants lived peacefully. Their leader was a magnificent white elephant.One day while walking through the forest, the white elephant stepped on a thorn that plunged deep into his foot. The pain was agonizing, and as he limped home, he happened to pass a family of loggers hard at work. When the loggers saw the elephant hobbling past, they ran to help. "What's wrong?" the men asked, and the poor elephant lay down and lifted his foot. When the men saw the wound, they quickly pulled the thorn out. The elephant was deeply grateful, and as he walked home in the dusk, he promised he would never forget their kindness. When his foot was healed, he returned to the spot where the loggers were hard at work. As the elephan ...

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| Nanabush and the wild roses (a Canadian legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, April 11, 9:24 PM
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Once upon a time the fields and hills, meadows and prairies were covered with wild roses. Among the roses, the dandelions and berries, the bees and the hummingbirds buzzed from bush to bush, sucking sweet nectar from the flowers. The bees stored it in their honeycombs.And oh those honeycombs! The bears and other animals ate heartily, filling their stomachs, growing large and strong.Time passed, and the animals grew accustomed to all the gifts the Earth offered them. Some became greedy. One day a family of rabbits, their stomachs empty, came upon a big patch of rose bushes. They began to nibble the flowers, which tasted so good that they called all their friends to join them in a petal feast. By the end of summer, the rabbits had eaten nearly every rose.The bears were beginning to grumb ...

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| The Foolish old man (a legend from China)

Posted by admin at 2006, March 29, 8:26 PM
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Once upon a time an old, old man named Yugong lived in northern China between two enormous mountains. Taihang Mountain and Wangwu Mountain rose thousands of feet high and 70 miles wide, and they stood between Jizhou and the River Han.Yugong was a headstrong old fellow who often complained about those mountains. One morning, just before his 100th birthday, he woke and looked out the window. Staring at Taihang, he muttered, "That mountain is blocking my view."Then he turned his head slightly and looked at Wangwu. "How can I go anywhere when I have to walk around such a towering thing!" he said grumpily.All that day Yugong lay in bed worrying about what those mountains blocked from his sight. That evening he said to his wife, "I might see more beautiful vistas if those mountains ...

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| The fortune of Chelm (an Eastern European legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, March 21, 5:17 PM
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Long ago, all the villagers of Chelm gathered around their wise men to hear the news. "We have learned that across the desert there are bags of gold in a field awaiting us," the wise men said."Hooray!" the Chelmites shouted, and at once they began to dream of the fortune that would soon be theirs. They all agreed that all the young, strong men of Chelm must travel to fetch their treasure. They also agreed that they would take one wise man along, for the people of Chelm always relied upon the wisdom of their wise men. They departed at once, and at long last they arrived at a field, and sure enough, there lay bags and bags brimming with gold. "Astounding," Shlomo cried. "Remarkable, and ours!" Moishe agreed. The men sang joyfully as they loaded the bags upon their backs. Now the men ...

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