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| Glooscap's lesson (a Micmac legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, March 16, 6:03 PM
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Long ago the creator of the Micmac, Gisoolg, created the great chief Glooscap with three strokes of lightning. From his home, Glooscap watched over the creatures of the Earth and taught them important lessons. One of these lessons was: "The best way to catch a weasel is to think like a weasel." Ableegumooch the Rabbit always paid close attention to Glooscap, and he remembered Glooscap's words, though for a long time he did not quite understand their meaning. One day he and his friend Keoonik the Otter were chasing each other. After running for a while, they realized they were very near the home of Uskoos the weasel. They decided to pay him a visit. But, just as they approached the doorway, Ableegumooch and Keeonik heard a noise in the house. It was a meeting of all the weasels and mice. ...

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| The kite flier (a Hawaiian legend)

Posted by admin at 2006, March 10, 5:38 AM
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Once upon a time, the god Maui cast a fishhook into the sea and pulled up the islands we call Hawaii. Maui was small but very strong. He was also a mischief maker, with boundless energy and never-ending curiosity. His mind was always at work, inventing and discovering new things.One day he was walking near his home on the island of Hilo. As usual, he felt restless. "I need to do something brand-new," he thought. Maui was searching for adventure when he saw his mother carrying a roll of paper cloth known as kapa."That's it," Maui thought, and when his mother laid her kapa on the ground and turned her back, Maui snatched a piece of the cloth. He hurried to the riverbank. There he sat, folding the cloth this way and that. Before long he had invented the kite. "Now what?" he wondered as h ...

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| The matter of many dreams (a legend from China)

Posted by admin at 2006, March 1, 2:58 PM
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Once upon a time a man named Chang was walking through the emperor's forest when he came upon a stately deer standing as still as a stone; it was licking snow from the wintry ground.Chang raised his bow and shot an arrow through the deer's heart. The creature fell down dead.At once Chang regretted his haste. Fearing someone would discover he had killed a deer roaming the emperor's forest, he quickly buried it beneath ice and snow and over this he scattered pine needles. Then he hurried home.As he trudged on, shivering with cold despite his heavy coat, he began to think about how delicious that deer would have tasted. At home he had nothing but rice and broth. Chang turned around and hurried back toward the place he had buried the deer, but he could not find it."I am so tired," he said ...

| Buddha's moon (a tale from India)

Posted by admin at 2006, February 24, 4:43 PM
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Once upon a time three friends, the monkey, the fox, and the hare lived together in the forest.One day Buddha began to wonder about the animals' true nature. Was the monkey truly generous? Was the fox always kind? Was the hare as peaceful as he seemed?Buddha decided he would test the animals, and so he disguised himself as a poor priest. He dressed in rags, and hobbling upon a cane he limped into the forest where the creatures lived. Before long the priest came upon the monkey. When the monkey spotted the priest, he called out cheerfully, "Hello, sir. Lovely day, don't you think?" The priest bowed his head and said sorrowfully, "Ah, it would be a lovely day indeed if I weren't so terribly hungry." "Hungry?" the monkey said, "I can help you there. I can offer you plenty of fruit," and ...

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| Cap o'ushes (a tale from the British Isles)

Posted by admin at 2006, February 17, 5:44 AM
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Once upon a time a rich gentleman had a daughter. One day he asked her. "How much do you love me, dearest?" She laughed lightly. "I love you as much as fresh meat loves salt, father," she answered.He flew into a rage. "That means you don't love me at all! Go away, and never return!" So she left, taking only a beautiful golden dress with her. As she traveled, she came upon a bog. There she made a dress and hood out of rushes and put it on. Then she hid her golden dress among the reeds and rushes, and traveled on a little farther.When she came to an elegant house, she knocked on the door. "Would you like a maid?" she asked. "I will do any kind of work if only you will give me shelter." The servant woman looked at her and said, "You can scrape the pots and pans, Cap O'Rushes." From then ...

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