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| Little Peachling

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 7:32 PM
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Many hundred years ago there lived an honest old woodcutter and his wife. One fine morning the old man went off to the hills to gather some sticks while his wife went down to the river to wash the dirty clothes. When she came to the river, she saw a peach floating down the stream, so she picked it up and carried it home with her, planning to give it to her husband to eat. The old man soon came down from the hills, and the good wife set the peach before him. Just as she was inviting him to eat it, the fruit split in two, and a little crying baby was born into the world. So the old couple took the babe and brought it up as their own, and because it had been born in a peach, they called it Momotaro, or Little Peachling.By degrees Little Peachling grew up to be strong and brave, and at last on ...

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| The Long Winter

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 7:26 PM
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Once, before humans walked the earth, winter did not end. It was very dark, and it snowed all the time. The animals were frightened. The worst thing was that they had no heat. Some animals went to the upper world, where they thought the heat was. They came to a lake where two bear cubs were playing beside a tent. Some bags were hanging up inside the tent. The visitors pointed to the first bag and asked the cubs, "What is in this bag?" "That," they said, "is where our mother keeps the rain.""And what is in this one?" the animals asked."That is the wind." "And this one?""The fog." "And what is in this next bag?""We can't tell," said the cubs, "for our mother told us it was a big secret. If we tell you, she will be very angry.""Don't be afraid," said Fox. "You can tell us." So the cubs whispe ...

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| The Dance of the Animal Court

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 7:15 PM
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Once upon a time there was a monkey who had a magical fiddle and bow and arrow. He could hit anything with his arrow, and with his fiddle, he could make anyone dance. One day Monkey met Cheetah. "I've been stalking Springbok all day," Cheetah complained, "and I'm exhausted, and still I am starving." "Let me try," Monkey suggested, and he pulled out his bow and arrow, aimed, and shot Springbok through the heart. Cheetah was amazed. He wanted the bow and arrow for himself, so he growled, and jumped on Monkey. As the two fought, Jackal passed by. Jackal suggested that they go to animal court to decide the matter.When they arrived at court, Monkey began to shake. He was so young, and these were the elders of the jungle. When Elephant asked him what was wrong, Monkey replied, his voice quaverin ...

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| Acacia's Secret Heart (a Southern African Legend)

Posted by admin at 2005, October 10, 12:12 AM
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Once upon a time the animals had forgotten how to be kind.  One day Rabbit sat down beside an acacia tree and said, "Thank you, Acacia, for your shade. Do you mind if I lean up against you to take a rest?" Acacia quivered with gratitude and said, "I am happy to offer you my trunk." Rabbit slept until evening. As he got up to leave, he bowed to Acacia and thanked her again. Acacia whispered, "Years have passed since anyone has been so polite to me. Come, let me show you a secret." A hole opened in Acacia's trunk. Rabbit stepped inside and saw a glorious garden. Butterflies fluttered, flowers bloomed, and gems lay upon the soft ground. "Take something, a gift from my heart," Acacia said. Rabbit selected a tiny gold band and slipped it over an ear. Acacia opened her trunk and Rabbit hop ...

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| Twelve Zodiacs - Pig

Posted by admin at 2005, October 9, 11:59 PM
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Pig: The initial part of this year is a good time to cash in. But keep in mind that this is the Year of Snake, a year for preparing rather than indulging. So even in fair whether, always prepare for foul. Always keep in mind financial needs in the second half of the year. Years: 1911, 1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031 Overview - Much of the year will revolve around money, Pig. Although you will receive more money this year, you will also receive much more obligation and responsibility. You will have lots to accomplish this year, especially in the second half. Expect difficult news to come your way in the late summer. Work - You will work very hard this year, Pig, and begin to wonder if it is all worth it. Don't spend much time worrying about your decisions and tak ...

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